Kingdom Aviation was founded to continue the spread of the Gospel of Christ Jesus while using aviation as a tool for gaining person to person time. Kingdom Aviation is active in weekly programs in remote schools in the West Kimberley of WA and pastoral care in remote areas of the Kimberley.

West Kimberley

Ministry operations in remote Aboriginal communities based in an around Derby WA.


Chaplaincy programs in remote Aboriginal communities based in the West Kimberley

who we are


What - Kingdom Aviation Ministries is a Christian based organisaton that utilizes the use of planes to reach remote communities and stations in witnessing the gospel of Christ.

Where - Based out of Derby in the West Kimberley area, KAM flies into a number of remote Aboriginal communities and cattle stations across the West and East Kimberley.

Who - Local missionaries, churches and Christians working together with a spirit of unity and actively seeking to bring Christ to all.

Why - Many areas within Western Australia are very remote and have no viable witness to Christ. Since the progressive withdrawal of Christian missions there is a whole generation that has never heard the gospel. 

When - KA is already providing weekly visits to many remote communities within the West Kimberley and is hoping to expand this to other communities across the Kimberley region.

HOW - By utilising the speed and versatility of small aircraft KA pilots are able to make regular visits for ministry, support and relationship building. This includes support for youth and adult ministry as well as pastoral care visitations. 


Weekly visits to remote school communities throughout the term to provide chaplaincy services

Station Visits

Visits to remote stations to develop relationships and share God's love.

community ministry

Sharing God's word with Aboriginal communities and encouraging church and personal growth. 


The KAM team is involved in various projects both in Derby and within the remote Aboriginal communities that it serves.


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